We want to help people like you succeed at being an adult—because, really, life is too short NOT to be fun, fulfilling, and exciting! That’s why we could use your help. You see, there are so many possible ways we could technically accomplish this goal, but to really do something that will have an impact, we need to hear YOUR ideas.

Meet the Team

As the resident Manuscript Maven, Calligraphie considers herself the bard of the Protagonist adventuring party—while her editorial skills make her primarily a support class, she nevertheless wields her red pen fearlessly for the benefit of her teammates. She employs her intricate imagination and love of language to provide written content and to polish the Protagonist team’s prose until it positively shines!

Valor Consultant

Tactics. Strategy. Plans. Curious is like your own personal tactician — helping your plans survive first contact with reality. Curious enjoys the details and logic behind goals and has developed numerous ways to leverage those elements for success! Not only does he work with geeks on achieving their goals, he also works with startups.


Jude uses her life experiences and empathetic nature to be the diary that advises back. She will keep your inquires private, much like your diary would, and offer her opinion back based on her personal experiences and overall empathetic nature. She understands how it can be embarrassing or uncomfortable to reach out and that is why she’s here. Jude is offering a place where you can ask for an opinion, and know that there will be no judgement, and you will get an open honest response in return.