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Exclusive Mentoring

Our Round Table is a safe space for geeks of all varieties who feel less than satisfied with where they're at in life.

As part of the Round Table, the Protagonist team and other members will help you identify the source of your trouble, define your goal, and create a step-by-step plan for how to achieve it...and then provide as much empathy, advice, and encouragement as you need along the way. Plus, thanks to Protagonist’s network of colleagues, we can connect you to professionals with expertise relevant to achieving whatever goals you choose, either through seminars or one-on-one work! We also believe that everyone has a unique skill set and perspective to bring to the table, so you'll have the chance to make a difference in your fellow geeks’ lives.

Our goal is to help you achieve victory in your life by working together. We have some inspirational hangouts arranged for Round Table members, both online and in person!

As an Early Access member, you'll receive a lifetime discount on membership fees and the chance to shape the future of the Guild and create a community that's as fun and effective as possible.

Exclusive Benefits

Your Voice Is Always Heard

Community of Like-Minded Geeks

Safe Space to Discuss Issues

Exclusive Workshops with Experts

Level Up Your Life with Others