A child uses intuition to approach a fork in a maze.

How Your Intuition Can Guide Your Life

In this day and age, intuition does not get the recognition and use that it deserves. We seem to revel in logic and routine, our lives on autopilot. Intuition is our soul’s way of telling us something is right or wrong. For example, have you ever felt really strongly about something, but were unable to explain why? That’s intuition. We all have it, but do we have mastery of it? I argue that we don’t; “mastery” is not a word one often uses with intuition, because intuition is more or less a supernatural force.

Now, before you jump all over me about spirituality and religion, let me preface my thoughts with this—I am not a religious person. I was raised Lutheran and am familiar with Christian practices to a degree, but my beliefs do not presently lie with any deities, titans, figures, or otherwise. However, I do believe there are forces at play in the universe that are beyond our understanding. And at the risk of sounding like some sort of voodoo, hippie spiritualist, I will continue.

In my experience, especially in recent years, I have enjoyed the benefits of listening to my intuition. It’s what led to me selling my last business—it just seemed like the best thing to do. I have all sort of reasons why, but at the time I made the decision entirely based on how I felt. Listening to my intuition and whatever drives it led me to feel happier than I have in years. That said, listening to one’s intuition often seems easier said than done. Some of us are so stuck on autopilot that we find it hard to change our course or method. Because of our routines, we either ignore or forget to listen for new things. On the other hand, some of us are such strong empaths that we can’t distinguish one feeling from another. To this, I like to quote a friend who once said, “The universe will keep teaching you the same lesson until you get it.” That, to me, means that if you feel stuck or stagnant, there is a lesson to learn that you just aren’t getting.

Take an ounce of advice from a guy who has tried things that he never thought he would try—listen to your intuition more!

There are different ways to tune in to your intuition, and everyone is a bit different. I recommend meditation and finding a personal place to be still, both physically and mentally. I can’t claim a whole lot of expertise with this yet, as I only meditate (without much direction) every morning for about fifteen minutes. As I begin to work with a new coach myself, that is one space I am looking forward to exploring. As of this post, he has been able to get me to tap into an inner stillness that I have only experienced once before. Until you can find a practice or a coach that works best for you, do some Google searching or download an app. (I use Insight Timer. The Calm app is another good one!)

Take some time to listen more deeply, and you may be surprised where your intuition leads you. The universal forces that drive it want the best for you (just take my word for it) and will not lead you astray.

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