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Goals? How to Get the Results You Want

Every January, millions (if not billions) of people resolve to accomplish new goals. This is common knowledge for most and a bit of a joke for many, because people often set out with good intent and yet fail to reach their goals. We see images warning us that the “New Year’s resolutioners are coming,” as if they are some sort of plague or enemy army that we should be wary of.

In my opinion, we should be less wary of others than of ourselves—and not only at New Year’s. A trend I notice with the people I have worked with and with people I generally encounter is that we, as individuals, tend to take the path of least resistance. It’s easier that way, right? Well…yes and no. It depends on what kind of time frame you are referencing, and what kind of quality of life you want from your results.

Short term + least resistance = Generally fine

Long term + least resistance = Downward trend in quality

The longer we take the path of least resistance, the farther we slide downhill. Look, I get it! We all have a million things going on, and taking the time to do everything to a higher standard regularly is not only taxing, it’s stressful. I’ve written on the virtues of simplicity and creating space before and I encourage you to go (re)read those, but instead of reiterating that idea in this post, I want to build on it.

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, most of the people who make them fail to put enough thought into them. There are a few basics that I personally keep in mind when deciding on a goal to pursue:


  • Why do I want to pursue this goal? – If the reason is superficial or circumstantial, I usually reconsider.
  • Is it worth doing for a long time? – This means six months or more, consistently. I like this time frame as a benchmark because if you want to see lasting change, you need to dedicate the time to create that change.
  • What am I willing to do (or not do) to accomplish this? – This is a big one! If you aren’t willing to go to lengths that are proportionate to your goal, then it probably is not worth pursuing.


I am 100% confident you have what it takes to accomplish whatever you want—but you have to really want it! So many people get caught up in doing what is popular that they lose sight of what means the most to them. This time of year, half of your friends have probably decided to buy a gym membership and give regular exercise a go. Good for them! But is that course of action right for you? Maybe, maybe not—think about it first. Ask yourself those three questions, and then you will have a solid justification for choosing whether to attempt your resolution.

You don’t need the permission of others to pursue your personal goals. You only need a reason that makes enough sense to you to follow through.

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He is the crazy mastermind behind coaching/consulting practice Protagonist and serves as lead Valor Consultant. With his sharp mind, specialized training, and deep empathy, he guides others toward what they really want out of their business . . . and has fun with them along the way. Life should be fun, after all! Curious is also a serial entrepreneur who centers his projects on bettering the lives of others.